Memorandum of wishes

A Memorandum of Wishes is a legal letter to your executor(s) expressing your precise wishes in relation to certain goods and how they are distributed. (You cannot include money in a Memorandum of Wishes).

This document allows you to give the executor’s guidance in distributing sentimental items that seem to be insignificant in relation to the important legacies stated in the Will. All of these instructions can be included on your Memorandum of Wishes.

The document is also used to explain reasons for guardianship and exclusions. This will allow you to explain why you have selected certain guardians, or perhaps why you have excluded someone, again providing you with peace of mind, as we cannot explain our choices and decisions after we are gone! You also have the right to change these instructions as often as you want; just destroy your old Memorandum of Wishes and complete a new one. A Memorandum of Wishes can be amended, modified and corrected at any time you wish.

It is also good practice to record any hymns or requests for your funeral service as these can give your loved ones guidance at a very difficult time.